A temple to all things booze hits 12th Ave

The term canon is typically used to describe the best examples of a given art form... and also what you'd like to shoot yourself with after having to read most of English lit's. Lacing you with only the highest standard in cocktails, Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium.

Open in the former Licorous space by a Vessel vet who helped reinvent the bar menu at Tini Bigs, this 40-seater (serving up a massive selection of highly elevated 'tails) is named, despite its vintage artillery-style logo, in reference to canonical standards of good taste, and lavishly turned out with Prohibition-era touches, including two walls of apothecary-style bar shelves festooned with vintage hooch bottles, bare Edison light bulbs, and a 1923 cash register rumored to have been owned by bubble gum heir Charles Wrigley. Like a long Beverly Cleary book, the fully bound drink menu runs over 100 pages, with highlights including the gin/ Montenegro/ OJ Opening Day Punch; the Vermouth Experiment, which includes three rye Manhattans with Dolin Vermouth & Punt e Mes; and a Cynar/ Amaro/ lime/ ginger beer mix called the Italian Buck, which presumably Euro-nly allowed to purchase with real money. Not-cocktail offerings mean craft brews like English Ale from St. Peter's, and SF-based 21st Amendment's Back In Black, plus Boilermaker-style combos like the Amaro/ Bitburger Bitty Bitter, and...um, a Boilermaker.

And because you can't live forever consuming only alcohol, Canon's also got a rotating list of eats that currently includes pork belly buns w/ a sweet & spicy sauce, flank steak succotash w/ habanero peppers and corn, and gnudi dumplings with ricotta cheese, an ingredient Henry James apparently believed all his books should have...aaaarggh, it's just not worth it!!