Food & Drink

Light rail? Yes. Light beer? No.

Though it may sound like what you give your waitress/how you get your buddy to the car, Tippe & Drague isn't actually how you end an evening out. But it is how you should start your night in Beacon Hill, thanks to its light-rail-convenient location, vintage/reclaimed touches (a bar built from old doors, a slew of antique photos, a working grandfather clock... ), and promise to serve "no crap on tap".

The non-crap this 40-seater does have on tap is mostly local, like Emerald City's amber, session Dottie Lager, an English-style ESP from Airways Brewing Company called Jet City, and Port Townsend Brewery's Hop Diggidy IPA, for which Teddy Riley should probably create the tagline, "No Diggidy in your glass, No Doubt you should order another one". Also-not-crappy food options range from snacks (a meat & cheese plate w/ stuff from Zoe's and Beecher's), sandwiches (grilled cheese, grilled PB & J, etc.), and a penne mac & cheese cooked in Hale's Red Menace that's sure to get your pulmonary system Stalin.

T&D is also decked with a popcorn machine yoinked from the old Columbia City Cinema, and has plans to start serving brunch later this month, the former being perfect if you're too cheap to leave a tip, and the latter being perfect as long as you can... ugh... drag yourself out of bed.