Filling a sports-bar void

In today's NFL, a QB can't survive without mastering the audible, or in Peyton Manning's case, learning to use Tourette's Syndrome to his advantage. Seeking success through a last-second decision, Red Dog Right, opening Thursday.

Halfway through redeveloping the 114 Red Lobster into a Twin Peaks, Front Burner Restaurants called a service-industry audible when they realized Southlake didn't necessarily need an explosion of breastaurant cleavage; so instead they built out a next-level sports bar, packing in a comfy lounge, a studly bar topped with sheet metal and rimmed with tire tread, and 36 flatscreens affixed to booths and hanging from heavy wood beams, also an apt description of lightsabers built in shop class. Across two dozen 29-degree taps you'll find everything from Dale's Lil' Yella Pils & Harpoon IPA to locals Franconia, 512, and Rahr; on the hard-stuff front, soak up milkshakes spiked with vodka & tequila, plus cocktails like a Lynchburg Lemonade and the VeeV-fueled "Devil Wears Nada", confirming suspicions that Surf dealt with Satan to become Popular. Grub runs from mini-brats, to guac/refried-bean 7th Inning Dip, to an octet of wings (from "Pineapple Huli Huli" to the habanero-topped "Ring of Fire"), to the sourdough-bound Man vs. Sandwich: bacon, turkey, ham, roast beef, salami, provolone, Swiss, and colby-jack, also referred to as Cojack -- though after eating this monstrosity, no one will love you, baby.

There's also an arcade area stocked with Golden Tee and Power Putt, and an "MVP" section where loyal customers can use lockers to store valuables, a bottle of Macallan purchased through the bar, or... "36, 18, 30! Sally Buffalo! Orange! Purple! Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!"