Studio City's newest libation creation

As you mature, you realize that most of the time it's a good idea to meet in the middle, especially if that means you'll never again have to travel to, ugh, Northridge. Giving you and your Valley friends a place to compromise, Bar BLVD.

Just opening this week in the also-new BLVD hotel, Bar BLVD's a Deco-esque cocktail lounge w/ open-to-the-street windows, circular dangling light fixtures, and a behind-the-bar tiled LA cityscape, conveniently located on Ventura in Studio City between the deep parts of The Valley and Over The Hill, also Jalen Rose's new show in which callers go off about how sick they are of watching Grant play basketball, while Jalen makes fun of him for graduating. Specialty drinks're each named after local streets, w/ options including the organic tequila'd La Cienega margarita; the Root/ Mongo Mango/ rum/ rosemary/ grenadine Ventura, and the Sunset, which's got gin, green tea liquor, triple sec, simple syrup, and a dash of water, though be careful, because that stuff runs! On Thursdays, they're also bringing out food trucks, w/ this week's offerings including fusion tacos from Krazy BBQ, falafel and more from Yalla Truck, and fried meat from The Schnitzel Wagon, which you really don't want to fall off of, as it's pretty high off the ground.

Soon, they're gonna be opening a restaurant serving up "bodega style gourmet food", which you'll happily take down, as long as there's meat in the middle.