Introducing the world's first arcade-erator

For decades the arcade has been a proving ground for game-savvy dudes with absolutely no actual game, despite their admittedly sweet switchblade combs. Now allowing you to prove you've got game while dispensing a drink that'll make up for that lack of the other kind, Dream Arcades' Octane 120 Pro.

From a Sacramento-based former system engineer at Intel who just wanted to make an awesome X-mas present for his Ms. Pac-Man-loving wife, DA's Octane 120 Pro is the result of lots of friends who wanted one too: an all-in-one arcade that ups the ante on a classic racing game by strapping a dual-tap kegerator to the back, also the only way Jillian Michaels can rationalize going out. Holding two pony kegs, this epic arcade-erator uses a built-in emulator-equipped PC to screen 12 classic arcade racing games (Off Road Thunder, San Francisco Rush, Championship Sprint) on a 9ft-sized projection, all in 1080p HD quality thanks to a high output projector at the front of the unit, which must've only seen him pitch pre-2004. The CO2'd beer setup is pre-wired for one tap in the back unit for your buddies and one just above the cupholder in the arcade-style race car, so you don't have to stop playing to drink. Yes, John Daly, you read that correctly!

Solving the biggest problem with the original Octane 120, Pro comes with a fully loaded two-player joystick panel w/ six buttons and a track ball that lets you also play more than 150 go-to joystick-ables like Pac-Man, Street Fighter II, Rampage, Paperboy, Smash TV, and Commando, also an underwear choice game-savvy dudes know not to wear to the arcade, especially with those Umbros.