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Games and Beer In Dupont

Published On 09/11/2012 Published On 09/11/2012

In many ways, going out to a bar is a lot like playing a board game: you roll the dice, see if you can move things forward, and, eventually, end up brutally murdering someone with a candlestick in the conservatory! (wink). So really, game-filled Board Room should've opened long ago

From the group behind why-not?-stops Rocket Bar & Atomic Billiards, this is where the Parker Brothers would hang out if they didn't have the money to pop mad bottles at Josephine: two floors of framed boards on the walls (and non-framed boards lent out from behind the bar), Monopoly murals and prints all over the place, and a mezzanine with 10+ tables big enough to fit "a Risk game and four beers", so enjoy drinking enough to stack your armies in Ukraine (it's too damn vulnerable!). Pay 'em a buck an hour for games like Connect 4 and UNO, or just ball out Diddy-style on $4 joints like Taboo, Don't Break the Ice, and Operation. Then over-sample their 20 drafts (everything from Firestone Walker Porter, to Ommegang Hennepin, to Starr Hill Northern Lights) and tell chicks you're a doctor. Or at least some sort of wealthy ice stability analyst

Seven specialty cocktails include the Adult Cherry Cola (housemade, old-fashioned cola with cherry vodka), and there are also multicades (w/ Donkey Kong, Mrs Pac-man, Galaga...) and pinball machines like the beloved "Medieval Madness", or what you call nights when you end up going a little overboard with the dagger in the hall. Oh you!

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1. The Board Room 1737 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009 (Dupont Circle)

Board Room is a spacious, high-ceilinged bar with 21 taps, rotating cocktails, and closets brimming with rentable boardgames from your childhood. With a pint of craft beer from Flying Dog, Magic Hat, Smuttynose (and more), peruse the 20 boardgames that includes Hungry Hungry Hippos, Guess Who, Sorry, Battleship, Cards Against Humanity, and Scrabble. You can also bring your own favorites from home along with some snacks or a full-blown feast (or order from neighboring take-out places) because there’s no kitchen.



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