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Games and Beer In Dupont

In many ways, going out to a bar is a lot like playing a board game: you roll the dice, see if you can move things forward, and, eventually, end up brutally murdering someone with a candlestick in the conservatory! (wink). So really, game-filled Board Room should've opened long ago

From the group behind why-not?-stops Rocket Bar & Atomic Billiards, this is where the Parker Brothers would hang out if they didn't have the money to pop mad bottles at Josephine: two floors of framed boards on the walls (and non-framed boards lent out from behind the bar), Monopoly murals and prints all over the place, and a mezzanine with 10+ tables big enough to fit "a Risk game and four beers", so enjoy drinking enough to stack your armies in Ukraine (it's too damn vulnerable!). Pay 'em a buck an hour for games like Connect 4 and UNO, or just ball out Diddy-style on $4 joints like Taboo, Don't Break the Ice, and Operation. Then over-sample their 20 drafts (everything from Firestone Walker Porter, to Ommegang Hennepin, to Starr Hill Northern Lights) and tell chicks you're a doctor. Or at least some sort of wealthy ice stability analyst

Seven specialty cocktails include the Adult Cherry Cola (housemade, old-fashioned cola with cherry vodka), and there are also multicades (w/ Donkey Kong, Mrs Pac-man, Galaga...) and pinball machines like the beloved "Medieval Madness", or what you call nights when you end up going a little overboard with the dagger in the hall. Oh you!