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Enjoy a Whole lot of beer

Add "don't drive there" to your grocery list, because two area Whole Foods have just outfitted themselves with full-service pubs. Both the Arlington and Alexandria stores have decided that you may occasionally not be spending 100% of your income on bushels of quinoa, and have opened craft beer nooks ready to secure any remaining change. They'll even let you walk around the store, beer in hand, so prepare to start spending serious time at

The Holland Pub: Parked at the end of the alcohol aisle, it's centered by a horseshoe bar actually made out of recycled walnuts (also great for cracking brews!) and surrounded by corkscrew stools where you'll sit your keister for a four-beer flight, or pints like Blue Mountain Brewery Local Species, Williamsburg AleWerks IPA Drake Tail, and the Keller Pils from Tuppers' Hop Pocket Beers, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

The Arlington Pub: Located on the second floor, it's anchored by a 15-person bar made of reclaimed barnwood & cement. Sliding chalkboard menus hang above, proudly displaying wines by the glass, and the eight taps: Starr Hill Cryptical Imperial Stout, Blue Mountain Barrel Series Belgian Brown, and DC Brau & Devils Backbone Fight Club Anti-Gravity, which hits so hard, you'll definitely experience some kind of weightlessness

And so you can enjoy the feeling of being in a pub... in a Whole Foods... at home, each spot's also selling 32oz and 64oz growlers to go, perfect for days when you just want to drink on the couch and avoid being driven in any way.