Hank's gets cocktail-crafty

Capitol Hill's all about teaming up, whether it's two senators working together across the aisle, or every single other one of the senators working against said compromise. Now the Hill's got one more power coupling, with Jamie Leeds and Gina Chersevani's opening of The Eddy at Hank's

Just opened on Penn Ave directly south of Eastern Market, The Eddy is half seafood-serving "New England beach cottage" (whitewashed pine slats, a raised oyster bar), and half "apothecary style" cocktail joint, which means a huge marble bar with backlit library shelving for dozens of Mason jars w/ unique cocktail ingredients...you know, apothecary style. Gina (formerly at PS 7's, and just sort of everywhere) is behind the bar with an ice pick, more than ready to chip 'n mix you 13 boozy concoctions like the "Forgetfully, Fernet" (Irish whiskey, lemon, and ginger) and the let's-get-torpedo'd "PT-109" (housemade coconut-cardamom soda, gin, and a bit of citrus). The food's basically the same as the other Hank's...'s, with daily specials like marinated sablefish, lobster rolls & po' boys, and oysters done every which way and listed on rotating chalkboards (...the chalkboards don't actually rotate, though that would be a cool way to highlight their awesome oysters)

If you're a little washed up from the night before, they've also got nine brews in the bottle, and Brooklyn's Sorachi and Troegs Sunshine on draft -- something that thankfully, no power team in the Senate has felt strongly about instituting in a while.