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Absinthe and lobster meatballs on a charming terrace

People sometimes throw the word "garden" in front of something to make not-great things sound great, like calling basement apartments "garden level", or calling New Jersey "The Garden State". But don't let that scare you off, because 1905's new "garden" roof deck is actually quite wonderful.A project three years in the making, the Garden's design mirrors 1905's semi-Victorian interior that's somehow both elegant and homey (is this what rich people's homes are like?), with stained glass and a vine-covered trellis accenting a 60yr-old cypress and steel framing from a Wyoming barn. Other blooming newness comes from the menu, which now features fried Chesapeake oysters served with dill-lemongrass tartar, a BBQ sandwich with buttermilk coleslaw and "Virginia pork butt", and, most awesomely, Maine lobster meatballs, aka what Snooki and Deena would've called themselves on The Portsmouth Shore. There's also a whole new craft beer program with drafts like DC Brau seasonals & Allagash Black, along with 14 bottles & cans (from Rogue Juniper to Stone Levitation), and two new 'tails: "The Trevi Spritzer" (Aperol aperitif/ soda/ prosecco), and a vodka/ Canton/ lime mix called "The Easy Ginger", so "The Lindsay Lohan" must have already been taken.Though it's still in the works, the next step is an elevated brunch menu worthy of their new space, and as always, they'll be pushing absinthe hard (with four varietals from all over Europe), just in case, like someone in New Jersey, you'd like to put yourself in a different state.