Rock out with Mexican diner food and boozy shakes

Having already opened American Ice Company and Brixton around 9th & U, the Hilton Brothers are now officially closing down the block with Satellite Room, a concrete-heavy diner-bar (dinar!) attached to the side of the 9:30 Club like beautiful groupies to the hip of musicians performing at said club

Decked out with neon signage, dark red leather booths, and a cinder block'd, covered patio w/ rope bulb lights, your new pre- and post-show go-to twists the traditional diner menu Mexican-way, dropping roasted pork and seared tilapia tacos next to classic meatloaf, and even serving single-plate mash-ups like cheese fries smothered with chili con carne, queso blanco, and pico de gallo. And while the shakes don't normally come until the morning after a 9:30 Tabi Bonney show, they want you to start early with 10 boozy ice cream concoctions including the peanut buttery Linus van Pelt w/ Tennessee whiskey, the strawberry & dry gin Archie Leach, and the avocado/tequila A.C. Slater, more than capable of taking your night to the Max

If you want something that'll settle a bit easier before a show, they've got eight bottles (from D.C. Brau to Ace cider), and six drafts like Devil's Backbone Gold Leaf lager and Old Dominion's Oak Barrel Stout, both good enough to ensure you also stick around to close down the block.