The Hilton Brothers go English

Prepare to have a special relationship -- like, maybe even to the point where it gets weird -- with The Brixton, an English pub concept re-imagined and sexed up by the same Hilton crew behind Marvin, the Gibson, and Patty Boom Boom.Each of its three floors brings something different to the table (and coincidentally, has differently styled tables!): the main level's got Old World touches like vintage photos of proper Englishmen; the second floor gets a little more drawing room-y with taxidermy, antler chandeliers, and fireplaces aplenty; and then there's that roof, which sports green marble bars, wrought-iron railings, and church pews, as this is probably the closest you'll get to heaven on U Street. Tuck into tucker (which is actually what they call food in Australia, but whatever) like beer-battered haddock w/ thick-cut fries, Beef Wellington & mushroom duxelles, and Berkshire pork bangers w/ "mashed tatties and nips", which... err... woh. Get on the lash (look it up!) with eight taps (like Wells Bombardier and Belhaven Twisted Thistle), and 'tails like the "Cider Snakebite": half Devils Backbone lager & half Jack's Hard Cider -- add a $1 shot of Blackcurrant liqueur to make it "Diesel", which'll put you right in the middle of "badass" and "liquored up", or the center of the Vin diagram.For those on a Fast & Furious pace, they've got a late-night menu (served until 1/2hr before close) highlighted by brats, wieners, and chorizo, just in case this particular relationship needs to be spiced up a little.