Worship booze more literally

Going to church and going to the bar aren't so different: one's where you go to spill your guts, and the other's where you go to confess personal information to a priest. Finally just eliminating the line completely: Church and State.

From the hooch handler behind revered drink spot Wisdom, Church fuses a classic American cocktail menu with light-heartedly pious decoration in the space above also-his Fruit Bat, including a bar foot-rail that doubles as a kneeler, a separate "pastor's study" confessional with seating, and copious multi-colored stained glass, unlike Staind glass, which only comes in 14 Shades of Grey. Each drink's listed with interesting historical/stylistic tidbits, including whiskey 'tails like a Sophomoric Sazerac they "bastardize" by adding an American hibiscus liqueur to the standard American Old Overholt Rye, and their Weller Reserve-based Old Fashioned served without orange peels/maraschino cherries in accordance with Crosby Gaige's assertion that "serious-minded persons omit fruit salad", which explains why Kal Pen never gets invited to potlucks anymore. Clearer drinking comes via their take on a Moscow Mule with American 4 Orange Floridian Vodka, and the gin or vodka Martinez, which they explain is "thought to be the forerunner of the Martini", and will customize to your specs, including making it dirty by adding a 1/2oz of olive brine, or into an "ODB" with a full ounce, even though he always had significantly more on in him.

Though the list's not yet set, they'll also be bottling up exclusively American microbrews, as opposed to you bottling up everything, until it all just spews forth.