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An L Street club that's too cool for K

From the dude behind heaving breastaurant Box Bar and Grille, Roc Bar is an epileptic's nightmare: a state-of-the-art club packed with more flashing & color-changing LEDs than a Dubstep Griswold Christmas, all synched to the music via a "beat detection system", technology previously developed to keep perverts out of heaving breastaurant Box Bar and Grille

It's juicing up the previously intimate, date-y Reserve space on L Street, shining beams of light against that cool old castle door, and replacing the chandeliers and wood with three levels of light-cube tables, back & front-lit DJ booths, and sleek granite bars. Each of the three blasts a different sound (dubstep, electronic, and hip-hop, spanning the entire range of genres that make you feel old), and if you're awesome or know someone who is, the penthouse hosts a VIP lounge with a ceiling covered in mirrors -- just a heads up... that is a good way to look down girls' shirts. For drinks, the K Street proximity is apparent on the bottle service menu. For you, there's bottles of beer

And while the "opening party" isn't until Friday, they're actually soft-open this evening with "college night", so check it out as long as you don't mind hanging out someplace where the people are also overly lit up.