Food & Drink

A wine bar that rocks

Practicing lawyers and wine bar owners have a lot in common, like a tendency to drink heavily after picking up a big new case. Just ask the former lawyer who just opened Slate Wine + Bistro (... don't ask her right now though, it's been a long day and mama needs a drink)

Fueled by an intense desire to open her own vino bar (... and an intense knowledge of how super fun it is to practice law), the woman behind Slate spent two years visiting wineries around the world before settling on a French bistro vibe, which she then incarnated in the old Kitchen 2404 space with a barnwood bar, chalkboard menus, and framed vintage corkscrews. Kept in temperature-controlled machines, the wine spans continents and categories (two of her favorite bottles are an Andrew Rich Pinot and a Costa Olmo Chardonnay); and she's also got some very respectable brews like Abita Satsuma, Steenbrugge Tripel, and Anchor's Liberty, which, fittingly, ought to help you float away. Now, in France, turns out they often eat food with their wine, so she's got that covered with the likes of horseradish-mustard-marinated, herb-crusted hanger steak, Cajun chicken w/ roast peppers & chorizo pasta, or a club sandwich w/ pancetta, remoulade, and crispy shrimp

And if your date just wants to nibble, there're also smaller meze including hummus, olives, tzatziki, and grilled veggies -- objection! Feeding the witness!