Food & Drink

A drinking garden worth the wait

Ever walk into Masa 14, wonder where that staircase goes, then stand there and continue to wonder where that staircase goes, because it's packed and there's no way you're getting a table? Well prepare to have your mind blown (are you sitting down? oh wait, no, of course you're not): it leads to Masa's amazing new rooftop.Almost three years since they opened their doors, the 14th favorite's long-promised "urban oasis" is finally here: French doors open to an indoor space framed with exposed steel & tiled walls, and beyond, there's a terrace with communal benches, panoramic views, and street-facing vegetation hiding the sight of the animals below. Open-air sipping includes a spicy cucumber margarita w/ agave, the Mojito Especial w/ dark rum & brown sugar, and bourbon-spiked rosa sangria that you can get by the glass or the pitcher, though talking to girls after drinking it yourself will inevitably lead to a strikeout. For eats, there's a bulgogi steak & cheese bun (w/ kimchi & gochujang), a teriyaki-glazed Kobe beef dog (w/ wasabi/furikake/pickle), and sushi like the shrimp/citrus aioli/pico "Crunchy Rooftop Handroll", also the most difficult move in Hippie Parkour.And in the coming weeks, they also plan to be serving full-on weekend brunch, meaning any big plans for Saturday afternoon will almost definitely end up getting tabled.