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Himalayan dumplings and a beer deck

You know how you're always hearing about how Sherpas in the Himalayas have this insane endurance, and can sprint up and down mountains that take oxygen-assisted Westerners days to climb? Well, surely none of that is due to them eating Himalayan-style dumplings, but you should try them anyway, at Mad Momos.The seven styles of pan-fried or steamed momos -- which, by the way, are popular fast food fare in Nepal -- are served in a two-story Columbia Heights outpost where plants line brick walls, and include flavors like Cedar Rapids (ground pork seasoned w/ Dijon white wine dipping sauce), Demazong (ground beef w/ sweet onions & green chili), and Fruit of the Sea (shrimp & fish w/ lemon ginger shallot sauce). And if you're not in the mood for momos, you should probably have gone to literally any other restaurant grab beer-steamed mussels with linguini, or bacon-wrapped scallops on a bed of orzo.And out back, there's a charming, picnic table-filled patio they're calling the "beer deck", perfect for enjoying Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel, Bishop's Indulgence from MD's Pratt Street, and six other taps all more than capable of making your behavior Ne-appalling.