Ed Hochuli is no longer the hottest referee

The distinction between strip club and sports bar is occasionally blurred, whether it's things nearly popping out at Hooters, or whatever Nellie's means by "Small Plates and Big Baskets." Blurring the line even further: The Box Bar & Grill. Providing Bethesda the sexiness it never asked for, the not-suggestively-named-at-all Box is run by a guy who previously GM'd a gentlemen's club, and is decorated with tons of sports paraphernalia that you won't look at due to the servers all being attractive ladies in tight ref jerseys and Under Armour short-shorts, which have “The Box” written on the butt, probably because it’s where they’ll be storing all their junk. Entrees run from a grilled filet with Merlot garlic butter & crispy shallots, to a chicken breast in tequila lime sauce, to a NY strip prepared w/ a “bourbon glaze”, also what the waitresses look for on your face so as to know when to stop coming by your table. Alas, the only things you’ll be tapping are one of the eight drafts, which include standards like Sam Adams Winter Lager and Blue Moon, plus New Belgium's Fat Tire Amber Ale. Here's where it gets sort of weirdly awesome: they’ll soon have an online feature letting you check to see if your specific favorite waitress/bartendress is working that night, meaning unlike Nellie's, you won't leave Town only to show up and find you don't know anyone.