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Just a tapas wine shop from the airport

Wine flights are no longer just for that one housewife you saw pounding pinot gris on the 9AM-er to San Diego, thanks to Vino Volo, whose Bethesda Row grape bistro is (seriously) their first location outside of an airport

Decked in pendant lights made from reclaimed barrel hoops and a "wine wall’ constructed out of bottle crates, the space is 1/2 half wine bar, 1/2 wine store, and 1/2 tapas joint, which adds up if you've had enough pinot on your redeye. The aforementioned flights (there are eight of 'em) include titles like "World Value Reds", and are accompanied by their patented "vino chart", which aims to help you understand what you're drinking (and what you like/don't like) by breaking down flavor profiles into sections like "brooding" and "rich", coincidentally, two characteristics shared by the husbands of San Diegan housewives who are already buzzed. And everything pairs well with eats like oven-roasted long-cut beef bones & marrow, and a salsiccia pizza with buffalo mozzarella & fennel sausage

And -- as if in a nod to their former status as an airport bar -- they also want you to drink alone, offering membership in their "Wine Passport" club. They'll ship you three bottles the second week of each month, and you can sign up on their website now without even going to the Bethesda location, because it's never too early to get started.