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Oby Lee Coffee Roastery & Winery

Move over Dinner With Lara Flynn Boyle, because Oby Lee is now the cheapest date around. A wine & java cafe that's casually outfitted with leather seats and umbrella-shaded patio seating, Oby'll ensure your wallet doesn't end up as lean as the aforementioned actress with ultra-cheap wines that you pour yourself from their 16-tap machine, meaning no waiters to tip

The giant steel dispenser looks like something from a future where we somehow enslaved the machines: it works off what looks like a European credit card, and pours everything from Rieslings to cabs in $2-3 tastes, half glasses, or $6-10 full glasses, with their prices kept so low partially by working directly with small vineyards. They've also got date-friendly nibblings like spinach & feta quiches, artisan cheese plates, and sweet & savory crepes with decidedly not-date-friendly names like "Fluffer Nutter" & "Bavarian Cream Pie.

And if you want to keep it even casual-er, just sit down with a couple of their 25 coffee blends, all roasted and blended in-house by a 21yr bean veteran they call a "Roast Master", also the Comedy Central host who will one day give the skinny on Lara.