Party on, Courthouse

It can be hard to get a crazy party started at an old-fashioned tavern, unless it's in colonial times, and everyone's already wigged out anyway. Making the jump from tavern to party bar successfully: The New Wilson.Overseen by the bash master behind The Mighty Pint, The Wilson's being reborn as a place you want to get a little crazy in: brick walls plastered in signs with daily drink specials and lined with benches made specifically for dancing on, plus a chalkboard where regulars who sign their name will be awarded a personal plaque after they pile up 10 slashes (one for each visit). Everything's now served in 16oz pint glasses (even cocktails), so prepare to guzzle 10 drafts (from Brooklyn Brown to Angry Orchard Hard Cider), and specialty drinks like the Arlington-suited bourbon/ grapefruit/ agave nectar "Brown Flip Flop", so prepare to stumble a bit. As for the contents of those drink-special signs: $5 rails on Saturdays, 1/2 priced wine bottles on Sundays, $5 RBVs on Thursdays, and $1 draft Miller Lites on Wednesdays; and on Fridays, they only play '80s music, so that's not really a drink special, at least until science invents Guns N' Rosés.And because a party's not a party until someone gets snacks, there're mahi mahi tacos, a cheddar cheese burger (topped with a fried egg), and a pulled pork sandwich with a side of coleslaw from "grand pappy" -- thankfully not from "great, great grand pappy", who rarely wore a wig net when preparing food.