Sushi, burgers, and a new neighborhood nickname you must spread immediately

Move over Atlanta as described by a hip guy between 1997-2001, because Arlington is now taking over your nickname, thanks to the A-Town Bar & Grill.The massive Ballston eatery serves an eclectic menu (everything from sushi to burgers) outside on its 100-person patio, or indoors, where things get homey with a birchwood bar and vintage prints of Arlington in the early 20th century, or back when it actually was considered, ya know, a town. Look for entrees like the shrimp/ calamari/ scallop Rock Da Pasta in sherry cream sauce, seared ahi in a pineapple island salsa (with dark rum), and the spicy Picanha Diablo: an Angus top sirloin that's "Brazilian cut", or, what that country does to their soccer players when they age past 24. The booze news is that they're still getting the signature cocktails ready, but for now will have 10 drafts highlighted by Lagunitas IPA, whose hops and malt foundation are said to engage in "mortal combat on the battlefield of your palate", so... FINISH IT!As for finishing off your hunger, the aforementioned sushi options are highlighted by the Fire Dragon (shrimp tempura/ cucumber/ crab crunch/ flying fish roe), and then there're flatbreads like the shrimp/ mussels/ lobster sauce A-Town Special, aka what that hip guy was described as in grade school between 1997-2001.