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Rock 'n roll even <em>before</em> the cocktails

Depressing Fact: rad, live-hard-die-young mixologists sometimes grow up and have kids. Uplifting Fact: the really cool ones are just sort of faking maturity, and open even radder new bars named for those kids. To wit, Todd Thrasher's new, rock-themed TNT, named for his son, Trystan Noah Thrasher

The gentleman cocktailer behind much-lauded PX Lounge has rocked out his newest -- which's connected to Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper -- with a bar of marble and wrought iron, posters of bands from Dead Kennedys to KISS, copious graffiti, and a skeleton of a cod, a nod to drinks so strong you'll perform like a dead fish later that night. The 'tail list stays on theme with the awesomely creative "Cocktail Left On The Nightstand" (flat Coke, smoke whiskey) inspired by the drinks Slash used to pass out next to, the gin'd up "Thymes Like These" Foo Fighters ode, and a tall glass of bourbon, housemade peach bitters, and pine cone water (?) number called “Metal Surrenders When Oak Trees Meet Fenders”

Flip the menu over and you'll see a cocktail tour of Thrasher's favorites from bartenders across the country, like Joaquín Simó's (Death and Co, NYC) mezcal, yellow chartreuse, Aperol, and lime "Naked & Famous", which is actually sort of a great way to describe a newborn with a bar named after him.