Food & Drink

Addictive N'awlins eats, from po' boys to beignets, in Bayshore

It's good when something worthy finally gets center-stage, especially Jody in Center Stage, who overcame a less than "ideal" dancing body to become so popular that she hooks up with Cooper and Charlie! Finally giving the po-boy its chance to shine like Jody, Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe.

From a Louisiana native who knew the ubiquitous Creole sando could be a star in SF, Queen's is a modest, 30-seat, red-and-white walled homage to the "unique, overstuffed sandwiches and specialties that originated in the heart of New Orleans" decked with old-school Bourbon Street style lanterns, and framed N'Awlins' jazz posters, and sandwiches so addictive, they'll turn you into a po-boy. The 'boys come literally bursting with anything from fried gulf shrimp/catfish/crawfish/oysters, to turkey, to roast beef, all on French "Pistoulette" baguette that's semi-baked in N'Awlins before it's flown in and finished at Queen's, who sure are racking up those frequent fryer miles (Zing!). And because why not, their other specialty's a just-as-meat-packed muffuletta, served on Italian bread with provolone, and stuffed with mortadella, capicola, etc.; side-wise, they're slingin' the likes of Parmesan/remoulade-topped garlic fries and honey-buttered hush puppies, which look great until you look down and realize Winnie the Pooh's been gnawing on them for like an hour.

While desserts include powdered sugar-toasted beignets and generous slices of pecan pie, the catch is that you can't wash it all down with hooch yet as the liquor license's still pending, unlike the question of whether or not Jody is a slut, because that answer is definitely.