Marcels On Wheels

When it's time for a rapper to hang up the mic, he can either fade into obscurity, or use VH1 as a platform for making people wish he had faded into obscurity. Or cook bang-up Southern grub to go, like Marcels On Wheels.MOW's the Hunter's Point-based, "upscale Creole" catering venture of one Marcel Neal, a Gary Danko/Jardiniere-trained chef who once dominated the early 90s airwaves as gangsta-rap maestro Celly Cel with bangers like "It's Goin' Down", and "Heat 4 Yo Azz", although he's now aiming that heat at other animals' azzes. To get eatin', just page call Marcel to pick from his array of totally customizable eats, which can include anything from blood orange-braised lamb shanks, to BBQ/tequila/lemon shrimp salad, to crawfish etouffees, to his specialty Bourbon St Seafood Gumbo, best enjoyed flung from a balcony in exchange for a quick peek at your jugs. For you uncreative types, Marcel's got a selection of battle-tested prix fixe menus, including Creole Style (four courses kickin' off with a killer crawfish bisque), New Orleans Style (five courses highlighted by blackened crab cakes), and Lafayette & Italy Style, a five-course medley featuring fettuccine made with either Cajun chicken or oxtails, but never Duck Tales, because those cost, like, a whole swimming pool worth of money.Each meal wraps up with any number of desserts, e.g., triple chocolate chip cookies, lemon meringue pie, or a chocolate fondue cart, consumption of which'll make it all but impossible to fade into obscurity, because your belly extends out into scurity.