John Osgood Art

Back at the frat house, impressing the ladies with your decor meant eschewing a large pyramid of Busch cans in favor of an infinitely classier Busch Ice-amid, but as an adult you might need to step up your game even more. For someone uniquely qualified to help, turn to John Osgood. These days, Osgood creates affordable and accessible Alfred E. Neuman-meets-Picasso portraiture in vibrant, often contrasting, color palettes, but back at Wazzu he "majored in Fraternity", with an unusual minor in women's studies -- so you know he got laid. Though he claims to never know where he's heading, much of the work plays off masculine themes hilariously undermined by pathos, like a series depicting guys in socially awkward situations: a "Third Wheel" sullenly watching a happy couple; some hopeless dude about to break the "3 Day Rule"; a street corner heavenly kissing booth featuring a guy way too eager to be "First in Line to Kiss an Angel" -- probably assuming it'll lead to him being touched by an angel. Another mini-series depicts the Raging Bull poster flanking both a tablecloth-waving Italian waiter, and a man neurotically checking his watch; meanwhile, "Trying Not To Stare" showcases a nebbish in huge glasses struggling not to acknowledge two tasty lesbians, and the same two ladies float above an early-80s clunker in "Chicks Love The Datsun", clearly about to get it Niss-on. Tonight at 6pm, two Osgood-related group shows kick off: one at Halogen gallery that features his work (w/ an emphasis on gift-friendly pricing), and one at his own Bherd gallery featuring other "urban artists" -- hit one or both, or, if your opinion of galleries hasn't changed since college, just say "Can't make it, totally Busched".