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Meat and doughnuts, Cambodian-style, in Berkeley

The daunting prospect of a foreign experience is always softened by an old friend to guide you...especially when that friend is a deep-fried ring of batter. Tackle the shadowy unknown of Cambodian BBQ holding the soothing hand of Donut, at Yellow Brick Cafe

Nondescriptly nestled a few blocks from Shattuck, YBC used to be just another All Star Donut branch, 'til a Cambodian family took it over to serve up their perfected-over-time take on traditional 'Bodian meat skewers, while never losing sight of their 'nuts. The meat portion of the menu's comprised of chunky beef, chicken, and pork sticks marinated in fish sauce/sugar/soy before being spiked w/ lemongrass, kaffir leaf, and galangal root (ginger's citrusy cousin); said meat's flanked by sides like stir-fried rice noodles, mango curry, or pickled veggies -- wouldn't you be drinking heavily if you were a carrot? Pastrywise, YBC fries up all the standard go-tos (chocolate-covered, old fashioned, etc), plus a slew of dough-nnovative action from mango jelly numbers, to a heart-stopping maple bar topped w/ bacon, to custard-filled-holes (get your mind out of the gutter, you chubby pervert)

Additionally, there's other wondrousness like bacon/egg/ham-filled croissants, and soups like chili w/ basil. Come summer, YBC'll unveil its newest revelation, a to-be-named raised donut, coated in crushed Froot Loops -- harkening back to a time when a big-beaked animated friend amicably took your hand, and guided you into the dark world of dentistry.