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Best in Your City
The Best New Restaurants You Have to
Try in a City Near You
Best in Your City
The Best New Restaurants You Have to
Try in a City Near You
t’s a constant question: Where should I eat tonight? The wealth of not just good, but truly great restaurants in our cities has made the choices overwhelming. To make your decision a bit easier, these are the best openings from 2017 in your city. Make a reservation immediately.
Map PinBy Mike Jordan
2017 brought a wave of new dining options to Atlanta, one of which is among the best new restaurants in the entire country.
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Map PinBy Anastacia Uriegas
Austin's best openings of 2017 all had a few things in common: comforting, un-gimmicky dining, served up in chic digs by the top culinary talent in the city.
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Map PinBy Meaghan Agnew
Boston's culinary year wasn’t about big, splashy openings. Instead we got a few sneaky surprises where the focus is on eating well -- like Field & Vine's fried chicken, or Frenchie's steak frites.
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Map PinBy Sydney Gallimore
Look, a bowl of shrimp & grits is pretty much the same wherever you go. That's why we’re highlighting the best new restaurants that injected some much-needed excitement into Charleston’s culinary scene.
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Map PinBy Erin Maddrey
Charlotte had a busy year, with brilliant new restaurants, revamped menus, and much-anticipated openings. But one place in particular stood out amongst the crowd...
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Map PinBy Kailley Lindman
2017 saw highbrow Mexican restaurants flourish, Michelin-starred chefs go casual, and the demand for local produce and meats rage on.
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Map PinBy Beth Phillips Synk
2017's new and noteworthy arrivals prove there’s no such thing as too many pizza shops or breweries in Cleveland.
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Map PinBy Nick Rallo
There's something going on in Dallas -- a revolution of good, honest, simple, and heartfelt food -- and, somehow, American cheese plays a big part in that. Here's what you can't miss food-wise.
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Map PinBy Molly Martin
Italian food in Denver wasn't exactly making waves… until Cattivella opened its doors in Stapleton this year.
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Map PinBy Lexi Trimpe
Amid the rapid influx of burger spots, breweries, arcade bars, and restaurants that landed in Detroit this year, six new spots stopped us in our tracks.
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Map PinBy Summer Nakishi
This Downtown spot only seats 34, but it offers the best flavors from around the world that you can sample for under $50.
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Map PinBy Brooke Viggiano
With the return of an old favorite, a hot concept from a Top Chef, and a restaurant that will be changing faces every year, Houston's culinary scene isn't slowing down anytime soon.
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Map PinBy Sam Stall
The food and drinks in this town's best new restaurant are prepared with an obsessive attention to detail -- yet it still feels like crashing an extremely chill dinner party.
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Map PinBy Rob Kachelriess
Las Vegas
The Strip usually hogs all the culinary hype and fanfare, but this year the action was in neighborhoods off the Strip, where chefs are calling the shots and taking big chances.
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Map PinBy Jeff Miller
Los Angeles
LA finally became the It-City it’s always deserved to be, and we've got an incredible new spot for legit Italian noodles to prove it -- plus, the restaurant world’s answer to Radiohead.
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Map PinBy Kevin Gibson
Everyone told them the building was cursed… but they wouldn't listen, and we're glad they didn't. Find out why this restaurant is our top pick for best new restaurant in Louisville for 2017.
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Map PinBy Stacy Greenberg
Should you find yourself walking with your feet 10 feet off of Beale, head to East Memphis, where our best new restaurant of 2017 is cooking up reimagined Southern staples.
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Map PinBy Matt Meltzer
2017 Highlights: The Marlins finally got sold, and Miamians got a plethora of amazing new restaurants, many of which are locally owned and -- gasp -- reasonably priced.
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Map PinBy Lacy Muszynski
Milwaukee's booming restaurant scene churned up a lot of changes this year, with fantastic new restaurants of all types and cuisines opened to replace those we lost.
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Map PinBy Becki Iverson
Minneapolis–Saint Paul
A restaurant in an art museum, pizza brunch, and the best Japanese place in years would have been enough, but foodies in the Twin Cities got very lucky this year.
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Map PinBy Chris Chamberlain
High-end food straight from the Iberian Peninsula, hand-cranked sausages in a beer hall, and an unparalleled raw bar would be enough. But Music City’s appetite for great new food is as bottomless as a cup of Waffle House coffee.
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Map PinBy Nora McGunnigle
New Orleans
Food in the Big Easy has gone global this year, as flavors from India, Germany, Southeast Asia, and the Dominican Republic joined the ranks of Cajun and Creole classics.
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Map PinBy Lucy Meilus
New York City
NYC’s restaurant openings ran the gamut this year -- from highbrow to low -- representing eclectic cuisines across the map, and either embracing traditions or junking them wholesale.
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Map PinBy Marielle Mondon
2017 was a mixed bag for Philly's culinary scene, with new standbys popping up all over town, including your next fried chicken obsession and the best high-end meal you'll ever have in a mall.
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Map PinBy Jamie Killin
Central Phoenix's finest new restaurant took Italian food up a notch in the city, hopefully for good. We're all better off for it.
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Map PinBy Emily Catalano
From a seafood and chophouse to a French brasserie, this city’s best new spots have forged their own path to offer something unique to Pittsburgh’s hungry masses.
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Map PinBy Alex Frane
Portland had more than 100 restaurant openings this year, and likely as many closings. So to narrow our picks down to 17 was no easy task.
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Map PinBy Michelle Burgess
San Antonio
If you've never had incredible Italian food in a refurbished, century-old firehouse, then you haven't eaten at San Antonio's best new restaurant of 2017.
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Map PinBy Erin Jackson
San Diego
It’s been an all-out war in the SD food scene, with local concepts vying for total domination against a new crop of popular LA and NYC outsiders. Here's who came out on top this year.
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Map PinBy Daisy Barringer
San Francisco
2017 delivered a slew of surprising new options that are, if you can believe it, actually filling a void in SF’s immense dining landscape.
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Map PinBy Naomi Tomky
Aside from an avalanche of new poke bars, 2017 brought brilliant, ambitious, and downright delicious additions to the Seattle restaurant scene.
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Map PinBy Lani Furbank
Washington, DC
We’ve mourned the loss of a few industry stalwarts (thank you for your service, Nora). But like a loaf of artisanal no-knead bread, DC’s restaurant scene is still rising.
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