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Prime 13
The 13 Best Restaurants in the
Country That Opened in 2017
Prime 13
The 13 Best Restaurants in the
Country That Opened in 2017
s a food editor, I am frequently asked, “What is your favorite restaurant?” It’s a difficult question to answer, one that frequently changes given the number of impressive new restaurants cropping up across the country. I may never be able to pick an all-time favorite, but I hopped on a plane (or, well, several planes) to answer, “What are your favorite restaurants that have opened since January 1 of this year?”

I ate well beyond 100 meals -- sometimes three in one night -- over the span of a few months to see what’s out there. Along the way I found some of the best milkshakes ever made in Philadelphia, life-changing cacio e pepe in Los Angeles, and a bowl of fried rice I didn't know my life was missing in Kansas City. I also ate playful versions of South Indian favorites in Portland, more hearty plates of Hungarian comfort food than I could ever have imagined in San Francisco, and met not one, but two chefs changing the perception of Mexican food in America.

I couldn’t pick just one new restaurant to name as my favorite, but I could nail down 13 -- the Prime 13 -- that I believe represent the best of what American restaurant culture has to offer in 2017.
Map PinNew York, New York
The Mexican café you'll want to eat at every day
Healthy-ish food without one taco or burrito in sight.
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Map PinAustin, Texas
Chef Philip Speer's potato-packed return
A French-American Diner or an American-French Bistro? It doesn't matter -- Bonhomie is simply delicious. 
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Map PinWashington, D.C.
Colada Shop
A Cuban restaurant that imagines food before the revolution
The perfect place for anyone who likes sandwiches, coffee, and things fried golden brown. 
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Map PinKansas City, Missouri
Kansas City's most ambitious restaurant
Tasting menu: check. Live music: check. Late night burgers: check. What can't Corvino do?
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Map PinSan Francisco, California
Budapest on the Bay
Making Hungarian peasant food work in the most expensive city in America.
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Map PinLos Angeles, California
Felix Trattoria
America's best pasta restaurant right now
Go for the life-changing cacio e pepe, stay for the ethereal focaccia. 
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Map PinAtlanta, Georgia
Food Terminal
The Disneyland of noodles
A hefty menu of Malaysian specialties awaits.
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Map PinPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
A tiny storefront turning out killer (vegan) milkshakes and falafel
Vegan, schmegan. Goldie is the real deal. 
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Map PinSeattle, Washington
Southern cooking with history
Chef Edouardo Jordan's necessary, encyclopedic perspective on Southern food. 
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Map PinChicago, Illinois
Japanese food meets Midwestern ingredients
Just don't call it fusion. 
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Map PinPortland, Oregon
Tiffin Asha
Portland's love letter to South Indian food
An underrated cuisine gets the attention it deserves. 
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Map PinLos Angeles, California
Mh Zh
An Israeli spot breaking all the rules
The menu is written on brown paper bags. Order one of everything. 
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Map PinChicago, Illinois
Mi Tocaya Antojeria
Redefining Mexican food, one small plate at a time
Chef Diana Davila's unapologetic cooking is a tour of Mexico.
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