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Gourmet cafe with farm-fresh eats in Beverly Hills

Sure, organic fresh food is ideal, but so is spending your nights in oxygen-rich hyperbaric chambers and being rubbed down with hot rocks by your indentured servant Natasha Henstridge. For everyman organic, hit The Cabbage Patch

From the former exec chef at Rustic Canyon, The Patch is a simple, stark cafe (art-free, mirrored walls, stained-wood tables) near-exclusively serving sub $14 farm-to-plate food (w/ presumably, a quick layover in the kitchen). They sling great-sounding versions of what you'd expect, like gourmet sandwiches (eggplant caponada w/ roasted peppers, walnuts, shaved parm), but also straight-up, all-natural bacon cheeseburgers, and of course, frighteningly healthy salads w/ stuff like fennel, avocado, and baby beets...ahh, baby beets, the veal of the tuber world. Lighter fare includes yam wedges or fries w/ homemade ketchup; a brioche grilled cheese; hummus-covered flatbread; and rice bowls w/ veggies, herbs, roasted peanuts, and sesame dressing, with your choice of chicken, salmon, or tofu -- so what'll it be, chicken or salmon

Though they're making their own lemonade and mint tea, Patch is unfortunately alcohol-free, which is no big deal, as long as you're getting raw-silk-enfolded bales of gooey opium.