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Figure-friendly Chinese eats in Beverly Hills

You know a cuisine's no good for you when even its broccoli can make you fat. Get your Chinese healthy-style, at Joss Cuisine/Traditional.The reincarnation of Joss/Haute Chinese Cuisine, JC's a spartan, two-story affair (basically two off-white dining boxes stacked on each other, plus wall-scrolls upstairs), dedicated to wholesome, organic fare. To this end, low-fat oil replaces lard, and chemically processed sodium's out in favor of sea salt; the rotating results include Maine lobster Cantonese w/ginger, scallions, and homemade noodles, stuffed crisp roasted squab w/sweet rice and game confit, and "Kung Pao Pine Nut Chicken Jimi" (MSG and Stone Free!). Sundays bring a set-menu dim sum tea, with bite-sizers of the steamed (spinach/chicken sui mai), crispy (canton spring roll), and skillet toasted (Peking duck quor tehr) variety, plus desserts like egg custard tart, coconut custard, and sweet rice sesame ball, all of which you'll forego in favor of the Starburst pack in your glove compartment.JC's also serving beer and wine, and'll deliver to Beverly Hills/Century City -- so you can remain so sedentary, even the healthiest broccoli will continue to pack on the chub.