Maison Maurice

Having close friends means getting help in so many arenas, from relationship advice, to airport pickups, to a slow white Bronco drive down the 405 with not a care in the world! For friends who helped each other open their dream restaurant, check out Maison Maurice.Just opened, Maison Maurice's a Bistro-syle collab between its two owners (one the former man behind now defunct Cafe Maurice; the other in construction) whose friendship extends more than 16 years; the open-air patio and mid-sized interior's lavishly done up with everything from lush flora to velvet couches to a bar collaged w/ old movie posters to a terra-cotta tiled floor with exactly 964 tiles, not that Maurice is OCD or anything, it's just -- WHERE IS THE HAND SOAP?? Food's affordable and traditional, with entrees including spicy merguez sausages w/ French fries, tiger shrimp sauteed w/ pasta, tomato, bell pepper, herbs, and garlic oil, as well as fettucini au poulet, which is a "marinated chicken breast studied with Marsala wine, tomato sauce, herbs de Provence, Garlic and olive oil", but only because Marsala wine, tomato sauce, herbs de Provence, garlic and olive oil are all about the rack. They've also got an extensive apps selection, with choices like "Pate De Poulet Au Porto" (French chicken liver pate w/ arugula, cornichons, & white onions), "Coeurs d'Artichauds" (marinated artichokes w/ mixed greens in a Dijon vinaigrette) and the hearts of butter lettuce/red onion/parsley/olive oil/red wine vinegar "Coeurs De Latuies", or as it's known here "salad". They're working on getting a full liquor license, but for now they've got an extensive wine list as well as a slew of beers -- all of which you've become much closer to, now that there's limited access to OJ.