The search for the world's most comfortable clothes gets a brick n' mortar

There's a thin line between being a perfectionist and just having O.C.D. -- but really, who but yourself can decide if you're ill, or just incredibly good at washing your hands for 10 minutes every time you touch a doorknob? Getting perfectionally ill on tees for the benefit of your torso: Splendid.Just opening its first (oak-floored, sky-lit) shop today, Splendid's an ultra-comfy casual clothing company founded by a guy who spent years on a compulsively precise quest to find the world's most comfortable and color-absorbing tee yarns, which always wind up in the same, long story about mustard stains. The 50% Supima cotton/50% micro-modal rayon tees're available in a slew of different cuts (crew/shallow V-neck/deep V-neck, etc.) with each coming in a mess of unusually named colors, like the light gray-ish "Pepper," the off-blue "Air Force," and the black "Black." It's not just about the tees: they've also got a range of soft, single-color or horizontally-striped polos, thermal-material zip-up hoodies (with stripe lining throughout), jackets (heavy fleece, with two zipper pockets, a ribbed bottom, and a neck-warming button instead of a collar), and "heavy slub" jersey sweatpants -- to satisfy Jersey's burgeoning population of heavy schlubs.They've also got stuff for your lady friends and their kids, and, once launched, the store'll be offering up exclusive gear and colors, which you'll like even better, because that means fewer people touched them.