Tees for dead ringers

A well-rounded man can pursue several passions at once, like Paul Newman with race-car driving and salad dressing. Exploring wildly divergent fascinations via t-shirts, Telephone Print Co

From the Abilene-raised artistic director at Oak Cliff's The Soda Gallery -- with help from Houston's Junkytees -- TPC launches this week with three distinct themes: Andy Warhol, Johnny Cash, and zombies. Available today's the Factory Trash series, which so far includes a pouting black-&-white Warhol surrounded by fuchsia splotches, and a raven-haired, bottomless Superstar with one hand cheekily grabbing her own crotch, causing you to stare for 15 minutes. Dropping Friday's "Deathray of Sunshine", a Kinks-named, Man in Black-themed line kicking off with "I Miss Johnny Cash" (saloon-ish font, soil-brown backdrop) and "Johnny Cash Walked the Line" (Cash's 1965 El Paso PD mug shot, oddly emblazoned on white); and an unnamed horror-comic series starting off with a blood-red "I Heart Zombies" declaration (the heart's an actual human one) fronting an oversize gray skull -- the undead are sticklers for verisimilitude

Shout-outs to transistors & pin-ups are on the way, while other budding endeavors include rock-and-roll playbills and limited-edition Star Wars-themed posters -- reminding you of your disturbing pursuits of Paul Newman's other passion, popcorn.