1. Mex Taqueria & Bar
Kendall Square

Anyone who found love for takeaway tacos and street corn from Mexcito last year rejoiced when Mex opened over the winter. Chef Delio Susi Jr. has an architectural background and clearly knows his tech audience, and the modern glass structure and Ms. Pac Man machine scream “Kendall Square.” But the menu blends old and new: Enchiladas and empanadas share table space with sushi and lobster tacos. Drink through the margarita menu, including the house margarita slushie, and be sure to dip a toe into the expansive tequila list.

2. Naco Taco
Central Square

The name is deceptively fun, because these are some serious eats. Taco offerings include chorizo, pulled pork, fried shrimp, and smoked tofu; those wanting to go the torta route can opt for anything from flank steak to fried chicken to a Hawaiian burger varieta. Yes, there are Mexican Cokes, but they will probably just be a precursor to one of the seven margaritas on hand. The 100-seat patio is just the kicker, though you can also get your Naco Taco fix at Hub Hall and via its food truck.

3. Taco Party
Ball Square

Why should meat-eaters have all the taco fun? Each vegan concoction at Taco Party gives you a flavorful fix that turns out not to be made of meat at all, but instead rich meat substitutes like jackfruit, fried plantain, and a chimichurri tempeh. Also: vegan nachos! But the kicker may be the Vegan Torta with your choice of tofu or chorizo seitan, which sounds like an impossibility but is oh so real.

4. Angela's Café
East Boston

For many in town, there’s just one source for Mexican food: this tiny brick front restaurant in Eastie (a second location has since opened nearby, in the Orient Heights section of East Boston). Many come for the Chicken Mole alone, but the allures are plentiful. Take the bracing, award-winning guacamole, for example, or the 10 different tacos, burritos, and entrees like Carne Asada and Enchiladas de Mole (seriously, order anything with any variety of mole sauce—it’s just that good).

6. Yellow Door Taqueria
Various locations

Ten different taco options top the menu (hello, scallop frito), as does birria taco perfection and housemade chips. Beyond the killer margaritas, Yellow Door Taqueria serves up other delicious boozy creations like Waking Up in Tijuana (roasted pecan- and butter-washed tequila, coffee liqueur, banana, cold brew, cinnamon, salt, mole bitters) which makes the perfect beverage for ushering in brunch or providing an end-of-night caffeine boost. If outdoor dining is your jam, head to the South End location for a better shot at snagging an al fresco table.

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