88 Wharf Riverfront Grill

In order to engineer a takeover of the suburban restaurant game, the rules are clear: first you get the Needham, then you get the Milton, then you use that Milton property to establish a waterfront contemporary American dining destination (and also get, like, a ton of women). Sticking to the script, 88 Wharf Riverfront Grill.

Following up on their success with Needham's Blue on Highland, 88 Wharf goes American au courant on the Milton riverfront with a meat & seafood-heavy menu for their bright 140 seat space, which features dark beige and stone tile accented walls hung w/ artsy nautical photos, contrasting black wood shelves filled w/ white candles, brown leather booths, and a separate white marble bar/lounge with a 10-table outdoor patio overlooking the Neponset river and your Tevas. Meaty entrees include lamb chops doused in a currant reduction and plated w/ crispy spaetzle and a summer ratatouille; balsamic red wine sauce-covered steak frites served w/ greens and hand-cut fries; and a braised short rib stroganoff on house-made pasta sheets, which look cool, but are a total nightmare to take to the dry cleaner. Seafoodwise, 88's got fresh pan-seared scallops atop English pea risotto and wild lettuce; shrimp, scallops, and clams in a tomato-saffron broth tossed w/ linguine; and a tarragon vinaigrette splashed halibut on a bed of couscous and summer veggies (school's out, where's the Swiss Chard at?).

If you just want to drink and giggle, 88's got an extensive martini list featuring the Perfect "88" (bourbon Manhattan w/ sweet and dry vermouth, bitters, and cherry juice), and an apple brandy w/ orange liqueur and lemon juice number known as the Calvados Sidecar -- have a couple and face yet another set of rules: first you get the Sidecar, then you get another, and then you call your ex at 2 AM to tell her that you heard a Coldplay song that totally reminds you of the way she laughs.