Abandoned Subway Tunnels

Artists will go to great lengths to find their muses: Gauguin traveled all the way to French Polynesia for inspiration while the dude who does caricatures at county fairs also attends festivals and sometimes even field days. Finding his muse all the way underground, the photographer behind Abandoned Subway Tunnels

From a local graphic designer/ photographer/ urban spelunker who boldly declares "that abandoned places are his cathedral", AST's an impressive portfolio of ruggedly ominous black/white industrial photographs that juxtapose the "intense light and dark spaces" that're found in abandoned/ active subway tunnels, power plants, railways, mills/factories and other places that generate superheroes. Shots taken while avoiding MBTA police include a decrepit pile of rusted barrels sitting beneath the Boylston station; some slick nighttime scenes from atop the old elevated North Station on Causeway St; and one pic of the original mosaic sign at the former Scollay Square stop near Govt. Center that reads "Scollay Under" -- a bet you should take, as the Over is filled with tourists and dudes from Suffolk Law. There're also photos of said mills/factories like an empty production floor at Braintree's Armstrong Cork Company; a paper press at the Fitchburg Paper Co; and rusted out belt-driven heavy machinery in the basement at Boston Insulated Wire, also a take-off on the hit HBO show featuring people wearing the same black North Face fleece.

If you're less about depressing and more about haunting, AST's got a series of chilling images that include a crumbling auditorium at the Belchertown State School, as well as desolate, ransacked morgue/wards/bathrooms/offices (in all their peeling paint, collapsing ceiling tile, rotted desk glory) at the Middlesex and Cranberry Sanitariums -- places that need no caricatures, mostly because the dude couldn't find a ride.