Annie Mulz

There's nothing funnier than animals acting human, unless, it's Paul Walker, acting. Get more of the former, with Annie Mulz.

From two current NE undergrads (one from Boston, one Providence), Annie Mulz drops a small collection of edgy tees and hoodies that depict images of animals, often in violent, human predicaments, all influenced, the creators say, by both the law of nature and the "animal in man" -- two forces that, in combination, form the nexus of a day on Revere Beach. Violent-animal tees include the Minions Deux featuring an army of 13 orange/blue outlined Kung Fu Panda-esque bears brandishing assault rifles; the white AK-Tygre silkscreened w/ a white tiger silhouette walking across three brightly colored (yellow, red, blue) Kalashnikov AK-47 machine guns; and a crewneck that depicts a teal-outlined cartoon bear surrounded by purple lightning bolts, clutching two knives, called the Assassin Bear -- whom you'd probably recognize from its uncredited role in Grizzly Man. Tees that highlight animals not packing heat include the Prime Ape, a black cotton short sleeve featuring a partially clothed, giant King Kong-like blue outlined gorilla; a white crewneck adorned w/ the picture of a screaming monkey w/ zig-zaggy cartoon dialogue that reads "Annie Mulz"; and the first tee in a series repping the seven deadly sins, tantalizingly adorned w/ a breast-clutching naked chick wrapped in a red/black snake called Lust, an outfit hopefully not repeated by Gluttony.

AM also designs hoodies like a black zip up illustrated w/ a banana peel-handled knife, and is planning to expand the collection to eventually include jackets, windbreakers, and hats, which Paul Walker is planning to wear, as soon as he masters that tricky snap back.