A couple bucks here and there can go a long way, especially if they're buck Rogers, and've just woken up in the 25th Century to find that Mel Blanc is voicing their hilarious robotic personal assistant. Saving their bucks to help your t-shirt game, AntiDesigns.Originally started with a handful of "loose change" by a couple of local college guys, AD continues to keep it fresh, working with local artists to produce its latest drop of limited-run tees with an urban streetwear vibe and decidedly local flavor, like a wearable version of that dude who rides the cart bike through Back Bay screaming "WOOO". New looks include Low Tension Wire, a light blue short-sleeve displaying the sun behind two crossing power lines off of which dangle several pairs of kicks; the Shapeshifter, a two-toned grey abstract illustration described as "a conglomeration of people and attitudes encountered in the everyday grind"; and a black/grey print of a gothic cross/emblem called the AntiCrest, which is what you've been ever since you got off the waitlist at Colgate. Other fresh Hub designs include a drawing of row houses from St. Alphonsus Street above "Mission Hill Roxbury MA", and Greenline -- a heather grey mash-up tribute tee featuring pics of the Green Monster and a green line car/map, neither of which is easy to sit on. To dress up your pad, AD also rocks sweet prints like a teal/brown/black cardstock illustration of a white couch below the words, "Couches Eat Dreams", or, if you're Buck Rogers, 504 years.