Atlanta's Coming

Atlanta presents a sprawling galaxy of entertainment options in which even the boldest man can find himself sucked into a black hole -- sitting alone in his apartment, hoping a buddy will stop by to make the fact that he's already drunk a little more acceptable.

Because we have dog-like hearing, we've sensed the silent pain of your Atlanta friends. That's why in a few short weeks, Thrillist will arrive in ATL to bind the city together with Information Superglue (TM).

In the continuing tradition of our service, we will strive to provide top-shelf recreational ideas you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere: restaurants featuring mesmerizing disco belly-dancing and alarmingly Greek wine, one-stop shopping for lingerie and tasers, and other tips that'll make grown men totally stress about their mom getting on their computer.

Don't let your friends be shunned by their friends, executive assistants, and fellow church members, just because no one told them about Thrillist Atlanta. Get them the hookup, or their rage will be astronomical.