Sick vintage collection of coach sweaters

While they may seem like boring, dingy wastelands of spare tires and cement-encased Dick Tracy villains, there's no limit to the potential awesomeness within old warehouses: illicit chop shops, orgiastic swinger key parties...even warehouse employees, eating grinders!! The most gleaming gem yet: Authentic 80s Coaching Sweaters.After spending the last 20 years shelved in an undisclosed MA warehouse, these astoundingly mint-condition vintage sweaters -- originally crafted to sheathe NFL and college coaches in the late 80s -- have been rediscovered and repurposed for your nominally ironic wearing pleasure. The stash of deadstock wool crewnecks embroidered with 80s-era fonts reps Boston-based squads like a cream Patriots piece w/ a blue and red stripe across the chest; an old-school white, green-and-yellow-lettered Celts offering; and colleges like a crimson/white Harvard, and maroon/gold BC, all in sizes that range from Joe Gibbs (M) to Art Shell Entering 3rd Grade (XL). They've also got non-Hub squad sweaters like the infamous navy Ditka Bears number, a hideously amazing white/green Jets piece, and the apex of ugly -- an aqua/white/orange Dolphins sweater with a pixilated 80s Dolphins logo so incredibly dated, people will confuse it for Heather Locklear.Additionally available are Raiders & Redskins sweaters, or, if you're not really a sweaterhead, a single green three-button Celtics rugby shirt, providing you with the opportunity for even more potential awesomeness: your new life of crime as Cauliflower Ear Guy.