Food & Drink

Basha Cafe

Thrill-seeking foodies will brave any environment in their quest for deliciousness, from venturing to frigid Alaska for King Crab, or the harsh vacuum of the moon, for pies. Daring you to brave the bleak vacuum of Alewife, Basha Cafe.Just a softball's throw from Danehy Park, Basha's a 50-seat, Middle Eastern cafe/bar featuring a crimson interior, Cliff Huxtable sweater-patterned chairs, and the bright light of sustenance in the desolate, foodless shadow of the Fresh Pond Mall. Grub highlights start with the mezze, offering meaty deliciousness like kibbee nayeh (finely ground leg o' lamb mixed w/ cracked wheat, onions, and Lebanese spices), soujouk (fiery spice-cured sausage), basterma (spicy air-cured dried beef), and ma'anek, a mildly seasoned Lebanese sausage, not the Khia hook that allowed you to grind up on ladies in college. If you need mo' cals, BC's also got hella traditional fare like fattoush, eggplant, and tzatziki salads; falafel and shawarma rollups w/ hummus; chicken/beef kebabs; kafta combo plates; and a grape leaf, tabouli, and falafel vegetarian plate -- because it may be Alewife, but it's still Cambridge.To liven up the action, BC has a full bar, and plans on incorporating an outdoor patio, karaoke, and belly dancing -- to create your own hostile environment, just lose your shirt and jump on in.