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Like Obama on the Vineyard, take a break to enjoy the salty air of the entire Thrillist Network, before you get yourself pwned trying to capture that brass ring off the Flying Horses.

Emailed to Las Vegas:Strip Clubs for Sale Created by the folks behind naked-club trade pub ED Publications (also hosts of the Annual Gentlemen's Club Trade Expo, Aug 23 at Mandalay Bay) SC4S boasts the largest database of on-the-market pleasure palaces, currently listing 47 establishments: 20 all-nude, 21 topless, 3 go-go, and 3 sketchily designated "other". Start reaching for your

Emailed to Atlanta: Spitter Launched this week outta ATL by a former Turner Broadcasting VP, Spitter aggregates sports news and fan discussions on your selected favorite NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, soccer, motorsports, and NCAA squads, all in 140-character format, from newspapers, major sports websites, and blogs via its Twitter-like interface. Results range from newsy stuff like "Braves won't be among the teams bidding for Smoltz" to fan-happy posts including "Dear Brett Favre: I don't care how many other teams you join, I will always remember you for your accomplishments with the Atlanta Falcons."...yeah, 0-4 with two picks is fairly memorable. Patriots updates are just a click away

Emailed to Nation: Kristen Stewart Wants It KSWI's a meticulously outlined blog with one exclusive purpose: prove the fresh-faced Twilight star is incapable of doing anything but oozing her passion-wanting all the time, accomplished through careful analysis of candid paparazzi pics, magazine photos, and film clips, that would probably win a Nobel Prize, but since it won't, will definitely earn the dude who writes it a restraining order. If by "it", they mean read this blog, than Kristen Stewart Definitely Wants It

Emailed to DC: Final Score The off-season product of a Mountain State U. basketball broadcaster, Score crafts limited-run, intricately detailed images from hundreds of hand-selected smaller photos, a project that's collected random but elegant endorsements from both 'Skins tight-end Chris Cooley ("Wow, great picture, fast shipping") and skin-wearing Chainsaw Massacre star "Leatherface" ("I love it, this pic is sick!"). KG should look pretty sweet above the couch

Emailed to San Francisco: Oneshare Single Stock Shares Before the whole stock-buying process goes paperless, grab a single share of stock in one of SF-based Oneshare's dozens of classic and currently relevant American brands (e.g., Playboy, Krispy Kreme, Apple...), commemorated by a real-deal, custom-framed stock certificate to hang on your wall as art that has definite value, Stock up at