Best of the Best

As with Dunk-a-Roos, enjoy the greatest hits from across our network in moderation, or you'll throw up during Ducktales.

Emailed to Philadelphia: Animals With Lightsabers From a DelCo-based software developer, this Tumblr site features birds, cats, bats, and even a praying mantis wielding deadly lightsabers thanks to some nifty Photoshop skills, a force that is strong in many of the readers who submit their own glowing-deathstick-armed critters: squirrels locked in ferocious battle, and a 40-second video submission entitled "My Dog is a Jedi", presumably submitted by Obi-Wan Ke-Lonely. Ewoks wouldn't stand a chance against your hamster, Yoda

Emailed to Nation: The New Millennium Paper Airplane Book Collected from designs by the author/artist and a mess of other flying-paper enthusiasts, TNMPAB's 104-pages-strong of rip-outable designs with descriptions, step-by-step folding instructions, and directions on how to recreate each next-level airplane, so you can remake your favorites using your office's printer paper, and after that, your pink slip. Grab this book and one-up R. Kelly with your devout belief in flying

Emailed to Chicago: Bitchegg The freshly hatched brainchild of a vengeance-minded Chi guy lets you harness the power of the Internets for your own vindictive purposes, providing the opportunity to anonymously smite those who have wronged you with a well-crafted email (compose your own 200-character opus or select from goodies like "You are a vacuous suck hole of happiness") accompanied by an adorable animation of their bird logo doing something clever, like pooping or vomiting, which is your typical response to acrimonious situations anyway. Let's face it, taking the low road's more fun

Emailed to Miami: CorkSavvy Wine Cheat Sheet Fla's own CorkSavvy just dropped a downloadable cheat sheet focusing on Global and Spanish wines (future cards'll cover France, Italy, and Napa) which you can either print out as a wallet-size crib, or pull up on your phone while your date's in the ladies room. You get wine regions (Alto Adige, Tuscany, etc), the main grapes involved, a list of food each region pairs well with, and helpful taste notes in a "nutshell", like "muscular, rich", and "earthy but velvety", two sets of words that probably shouldn't be paired with nutshell. Enough with the Yellow Tail already, start cheating

Emailed to Atlanta: Natural Edge Asheville Operating out of Asheville, NC, NEA creates glorious, affordable, custom-designed wood furniture from natural slabs of walnut, maple, cherry, etc, including headboards, tables, shelves, and mantles, started by an ex-tennis pro/landlord breezily named Andy1000, who gets his materials from a nearby sawmill, and who touts his products as "conversation pieces" which have a "sensual, sexual element", and that "women will want to touch it" (shelf: 1, you: 0). You'll be telling ladies that you're the woodmaster, and it'll finally be true