Best of the Best

As you hunker down, swaddled in beaver pelt anticipating four more months of cold-mongering, take a warm sip from this month's Thrillist Greatest Hits, percolated in the boiling hot cauldron of our other cities, and served in a novelty mug of amusement. Emailed to NY:World Superhero Registry The Registry's a photographic index of everyday, incredibly average citizens who create costumed superhero identities and recount their real-life crime fighting exploits on that shaftest of social networking sites (Current Mood: "Adventurous!"). Check to see if your dad has gone public with his secret...

Emailed to LA: Hard Cards Launched late last year by the most natural of duos, a Warner exec and a college professor, Hard Cards boast misleadingly earnest wishes on their fronts followed by cutting, anti-sentimental statements inside on simply designed, 100% recycled soy-ink-printed card stock -- so you'll feel good about helping the world while making others feel like the complete freaking losers they are. Written aggression is the new passive aggression

Emailed to SF: Dapper Webstore Because you never showed up at his Grand Ave man-tique, Dapper's owner's stuck his slick and scrupulously selected casu-wear online, offering head-to-toe fits to the city-bound masses. Tell everyone that you've totally been to Oakland

Emailed to Miami: MixMyGranola Miami-based MMG lets you custom blend over one billion different combos of mostly-organic granolas, fruits, and nuts, then ships the finished product in a 16oz container reminiscent of a Pringles cylinder, minus that mustachioed pusher who knows all too well that once you pop, you won't be able to stop. Make delicious hippie food without the hassle of traveling to VT!

Emailed to Chicago: Reformado Photography Coasters Eponymously named Reformado's helmed by a local photog, who snaps pics of 'Cago landmarks and institutions on an old school SX-70 Polaroid using now-defunct "time zero" film, alters the images with a bamboo skewer to give them a wavy, "painterly effect", then gel transfers them onto distressed, waterproof-topped and cork-backed marble coasters. Chi-town's like a bigger, fatter, friendlier Beantown!