Food & Drink

Big Papi's Grille

Most athletes wait until retirement before taking a swing at a new business venture -- but most athletes haven't kissed a polar bear on the mouth just because they can. Meet one that has, at Big Papi's Grille.Offering up his name, memorabilia, culinary opinion, and checkbook, the five-time Sox All-Star has converted the Metro 9 Steak House into a 200 seat Latin-inflected upscale steakhouse serving specialty pasta/seafood dishes, and burgers in what looks like ski lodge/Dick's Sporting Goods fusion: stone fireplaces, animal skulls, black leather booths, tons of David Ortiz memorabilia, paintings of cattle and deer, a 60-seat private dining room, an outdoor patio, and a semi-private lounge called Table 34, which is no longer the table the hostess seats you at when you come wearing your just kickin' around Crocs. Hearty steak and seafood entrees include six cuts (thick-cut sirloin, bone-in ribeye, NY Strip) of corn-fed, 35-day aged natural beef broiled at 1800 degrees, doused in your choice of sauces (Bearnaise, peppercorn, or red wine) and plated w/ two sides (garlic mash, sautéed broccoli, mixed 'shrooms, etc); a Panko sesame crusted ahi Tuna dripped w/ yuzu citrus sauce and sweet soy syrup; and pan-seared chicken in a lobster tarragon sauce served w/ sautéed lobster, crab, shrimp, and asparagus, called the Chicken Oscar, which you won in 1998 for best supporting cowardice during pool shenanigans. Burgers/sammies include the namesake Big Papi (Kobe beef covered w/ melted cheddar jack, avocado, and pico de gallo); a sirloin steak sandwich smothered w/ muenster cheese and sun-dried tomato arugula pesto; and a soy and worcestershire sauce-soaked patty topped w/red onion, red pepper, garlic, and cilantro, called the Dominican Chimichurri, a legendary Spanish creature famous for making your breath awesome.If you just want to slay apps/drinks and talk World Baseball, BPG rocks a 100+ bottle wine list and cooks up starters like Baja Chicken egg rolls (packed w/ poblano peppers, onions, and cheddar jack) and three sirloin empanadas w/ pico and Papi's signature en fuego hot sauce -- most people can't handle the heat, but most people haven't been to Cancun...twice!