Dinner fun times return to Cambridge

Reestablishing your dominance after an extended hiatus can be a risky proposition -- sometimes you come back to win three more championships and extend your legacy, and other times you play for the Wizards. Going Jordan #1 on the 'bridge, Bisuteki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, now open.

Raised from the ashes after three long years, this old school C-bridge "sit around the grill and watch the funny Japanese chef do creative things with towers of onions" steakhouse has reopened its doors, serving all your favorite traditional Hibachi lunch/dinner combos along with a complete menu of sushi/sashimi in its massive 200-seat former (but shockingly renovated) Courtyard by Marriott digs replete w/ separate lounge/bar, 10 grills, light wood tables/green high back booths, and a 10-seat island sushi bar sitting midstream, which Abe Lincoln claims is not a good place to change horses, or stop peeing. Dishes prepared tableside by the Teppanyaki chef include a tender Sukiyaki sirloin grilled w/ a Hibachi shrimp app and Oriental onion soup; the shrimp, scallops, and lobster Sea of Japan w/ a Bisuteki side salad doused in ginger dressing; and Filet Mignon/shrimp over fried rice and grilled veggies called the Samurai Special, which is what Tom Cruise considers himself, because when he drives by a samurai accident, he knows he's the only samurai who could help. If you heart sushi, they've got sashimi by the piece, combo plates served w/ miso soup, and specialty maki like the wasabi mayo-topped tuna, roe, and cucumber White Tiger; the B-52 (yellowtail, crabstick, scallions, and avocado); and a lightly battered and deep fried salmon, flying fish roe, tuna, and cream cheese roll called the Red Sox -- but really only because of the light batter(s).

Because drinking is half the Hibachi fun, there're exotic fruity drinks like the Flaming Volcano (white rum, orange curacao, fruit juices) and Love Potion (brandy, Amaretto, passion juices) to go along with sake and specialty Japanese cocktails like the Plum Blossom (plum wine and vodka) and the ginger-vodka blended Geisha, which are even now attempting to re-establish their dominance, in the competitive field of plodding girl memoirs.