Born to Purple

When it comes to moving up in society, there are usually only a few options for aspiring climbers: marry into money, start your own wildly successful Internet company, or murder that rich kid from Princeton summering in Italy and, using a new voice, totally steal his identity. Offering a fourth choice, Born To Purple.

With a name that pays homage to the days of purple-cloaked royalty, this Boston-based online street wear boutique gives you a chance to climb the sartorial ladder by only offering what they consider the best of the best in sneaker and t-shirt labels, which are purposefully kept limited, like girl babies in China. Tees include a white cotton short sleeve from Dope Couture that reads "Sneaker Connoisseur Kicks Du Jour" across the front in big yellow/green/blue block lettering; and UrbZoo's ring spun cotton number picturing a naked brunette on her back w/ her legs up, sporting gold sneaks, called "Chix n Kix 2.0", which is significantly hotter than the Croc-wearing 1.0 version. They also stock shirts from Simply Complicated like the Bandolero, a black tee adorned w/ a picture of Poncho Villa standing between the gold lettered words "SOY" and "Simplemente Complicado"; and Elusion, including the purple cotton crew neck "You Suck" that lists 16 different groups ("Posers", "Copycats", "Bandwagon Jumpers", "Cry Babies", etc), although they seem to have forgotten Mean People.

To help move units, B2P just announced a storewide 20-30% off sale on select tees as well as on limited edition calfskin leather/suede-upper Shifts from Heyday, which is what you're trying to live in, if only Cate Blanchett wasn't so damn suspicious!