Boston Burger Company

While becoming Americanized may seem like a homeland sell-out, it can also make you powerful; just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose transition from muscle bound Austrian camel-puncher to flabby American gubernator made him so strong, he Erasered an entire nation's memory of Jingle All the Way. Powering up Davis Square, Boston Burger Company.Bored w/ the grub in his Antonio's space, the owner decided to trade casual Italian for the American dream, rebirthing the 28-seat space into a gourmet burgery/casual cafe harnessing the power of Black Angus to offer 22 styles of half-pound, hand-packed burgers grilled in an open kitchen tempered with dark wood/beige walls, three flatscreens, and a French-doored facade opening onto Davis Square. Manly burger highlights include the Inferno (homemade habanero salsa, cheddar, spicy chili pepper mayo), the Kitchen Sink (fried egg, ham, bacon, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms smothered in American, cheddar, and provolone w/ BBQ sauce), and the Artery Clogger, throwing bacon, American, and BBQ sauce atop a burger that's been deep-fried after a beer-battering, although all charges against Natural Ice have since been dropped. Other glorious sammies include The Pilgrim (turkey burg w/ homemade cranberry mayo, stuffing, American), Bahama Mama (conch burg w/ mango salsa, jerk mayo), and The King, an Elvis-shout out special beef bomb made with peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas -- helping ensure a cramp-free cardiac arrest.If you somehow don't want a burger, they've also got ten styles of fries (garlic parm, chili cheese, Cajun, etc), eight of boneless wings (buffalo, pterodactyl, honey hot, etc), and seven types of salad, from Cobb to Greek, whose feta refuses to sell out, despite the awesome charisma of Velveeta.