Boston's Designated Driver

Finding someone to be your designated driver is a hassle -- your friends'll only do it if you guilt them, and your mom'll only do it if she can listen to Avril Lavigne, even though her new stuff isn't even that awesome. Get the DD without the moral/auditory sacrifice with Boston's Designated Drivers.The brainchild of two Bentley students eager to turn "paying it forward" into a profitable biz, BDD is a 6-day a week driving service that gets you and your car home (at the same time for once!) after a long night on the town, or even just a long night at the Town... Pizza in Reading. Using BDD is simple: if you know what's on tap for your revelry, give 'em a heads up before you go; otherwise, call at least 20 min before deeming Ned Devines "totally played" and two friendly drivers will arrive and -- after you sign a permission waiver/prove you've got insurance -- one will drive you/your tricked-out ride home whilst the other follows in their own car; all they ask is that when they get there, you're coherent, alert, and not belligerently intoxicated -- so enjoy the walk home from Jersey Boys. Pick ups run from 10pm to 2am (although BDD can be on call 24/7 with a day's advanced notice), rates are based on GPS calculated mileage (up to 5 miles runs about 30 bucks), payment is required when you stumble across your driveway, and they'll even generously stop for drive-thru on the way home, although that would break your no-eating-in-the-Suzuki-Samurai rule.Despite just getting started, BDD's already partnering with six area bars (Tommy O'Doyles, Bella Luna, The Last Shot) to offer $5 off rides from those locales, and plans to unveil a scooter division once the weather warms up, though you won't tell your mom about it, or she'll just call you "Skooter Boi".