Food & Drink

Brooke The Cook

Peabody has long provided a service to greater Boston, as both the Northshore's commerce capital and the answer to the question "Where can I get Chick-Fil-A if I don't feel like going to Burlington?". Providing the Hub with yet another PB-based service, Brooke the Cook

Hatched by a Northshore native (and moonlighting massage therapist) who -- like everyone else in Peabody -- learned to cook from her elderly Italian babysitter, BTC provides healthy, handsomely home-cooked eats out of her kitchen or personal chef services out of yours, depending on your needs/likelihood of having a kitchen. Here's how it works: BTC will help craft a 12-14 meal weekly menu based on your dietary needs (and hopes/desires) that can center around any of the following –- low sugar, sodium or carbs, high protein, organic-only, or even kosher, although you'll have to BYO nagging mother who thinks none of your girlfriends are good enough. Sample dishes include a lemon and crumb-encrusted baked haddock w/ asparagus; hearty meat loaf plated w/ special recipe gravy/mashed taters; and apple & brown sugar-glazed breaded pork chops w/ sweet potatoes; all plates are pre-packaged in re-usable/microwave safe containers and delivered to your doorstep with "no mess and no worries", like a Hyannis massage parlor, but the opposite. Or, if you'd rather regale the cook w/ the sad details of your lonely life, for an hourly rate plus the cost o' food BTC'll do your grocery shopping and fix up your dinner in the comfort of your own digs, providing you something the Northshore Mall never could: companionship.